Innovation brings good products. Customer focus makes the difference

Socourt is much more than just a standalone product. Socourt delivers a holistic solution which meets sport centers’ key needs for informed customer service, targeted marketing, and outcomes-based value. We build a long-term strategy for making our customers successful.

You in the best sports app

The world is going mobile, and there’s a growing demand for always-on tools that provide immediate satisfaction. Notifications represent the discovery door and starting point for all the interactions on user’s phone, thus a huge commercial opportunity exists. As a part of our infrastructure, Socourt mobile app users will be notified for being around your venue and will be encouraged to start a new game. Attracting newcomers and travelers for playing at your stadium sounds as a winner, right?

Increased retention

Players love replays. Great success, epic shots, hilarious scenes – video-highlights of these game moments drive more people play longer and keep them coming back to your courts more often. As Socourt players broadcast their games’ highlights to users around the world, their friends will try it out too – a fan that watches user generated highlights is also encouraged to start playing. Become a Socourt partner and have your players market your stadium.

Brand new community

Socourt keeps the focus on your courts and builds up a community – players and fans interact with one another. Loved features like having idols and fans, competing in a leaderboard with players from all over the world, and sending players challenging messages for the next scheduled game means that Socourt users’ engagement with your courts dramatically increases. Plus, you can also feature and moderate videos from your own Socourt account delivering engaging video content to a highly targeted audience of sports players and fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Socourt App

What should I know first?

Top left button leads to your area – schedules, highlights, fans reactions, your activities in the app. No matter if you are actually playing or just a fan, this is how you help us fulfill our mission to make more people practice more sport.
Top right button leads to your profile – settings, fans and idols, leaderboard, preferred sport centers. This is your face in the platform.
Top middle button has two functions:
– Leads to your idols’ activities, schedules and highlights. Applaud and inspire them to play more!
– Long press and you can schedule or start a game in seconds. Play and have fun! This is the ultimate goal of Socourt.
For more information on the app screens and features, review the App section in the web page.

How to Start, Edit and Share a Socourt Game?

Just follow the steps in this cool infographic or watch our “how it works” video.

How many video highlights can I share in my profile after the game?

After ending the game in the app, you have the possibility to choose the best videos created, edit and share them in your app profile. We do not count the number of the video highlights, but the total length of the video compilations you would like to share. The maximum total length of your video compilations is 10 minutes from one Socourt Game.

Can I change the predefined length of 20 seconds of the videos?

You can only make the videos shorter if you choose the option Edit&Share after ending the game in the Socourt app.

When I have to edit, preview and share the videos?

After “End Game” is clicked in the app and the synchronization is completed, your videos are saved. Then it is only up to you when to do the editing or sharing process. However, have in mind the following:
1. If you an iPhone user, you should minimize the app after ending the game in the app and not to close it. Then, you should keep it minimized till the time you want to open it again and share your highlights.
2. If you are an Android Phone user, you can close or minimize the app, after ending the game in the app. In both cases, your videos are save and waiting for you.

What is the main deference between “Edit&Share”, and “Quick Share”?

With Quick Share the app will make automatically compilations from all videos created, with no specific criteria for the combining process. If you go for the “Edit&Share” option, you can trim, delete, entitle, and combine by your choice all the videos created in order to make them even more attractive and personalized.

What’s the purpose of the different hash-tagged video categories?

The hash-tagged video categories give you the opportunity to order your video highlights in different video compilations, and to inform your friends in the app about what they are going to watch when they play the video compilation you posted. For example, if you choose 3 of your videos to go in category “Fun”, then you are creating a “Fun” video compilation with the 3 different videos played one after another. This compilation will be then uploaded to your profile and your fans in the app will be able to watch it.
Another purpose of the categories is to save only those videos (from all the videos generated during the game) that you really like. All the videos that remain outside of a category will be automatically deleted. Thus, you save time and concentrate only on the videos you really like. Skip the boring parts and share only the best in your app profile.

Can I watch a video from the whole game?

The idea of Socourt is to show only the interesting and important moments – those that will motivate and inspire you and your fans, or that will help you improve your game. Since you are not restricted from the number of highlights you can create, you can save all the significant moments – no more, and no less.

Who is a “fan” and who is an “idol” in the app?

Your fans are the one who follow you in the Socourt app – the people that you inspire and entertain. Your idols are the one followed by you – your inspirers and entertainers. When a user shares video highlights in his/her profile, all the fans can enjoy the best moments.

What is the purpose of “Schedule a Game”?

When scheduling a game, you inform your fans in the platform for your next sport session, so they know when they can see new interesting moments with you. Scheduling a game with Socourt means also “I love to do sports and I do it often”, and this is right what Socourt is all about – inspiring more people to do the same.

What is the applaud icon for?

This is the way to “Like” here. But not only. Applauding in the app means also: “I want to see you playing again”, “I am inspired of what I see”, “I want to motivate and support you”, or just “I am impressed”. A lot of things can be said with one applaud, and all of them support our mission. Applaud freely!

Can I change the predefined length of 20 seconds of the videos?

For now, you can only make the video shorter before adding it to a hash-tagged category.
Soon we will give you the option to choose from the settings menu how much time backwards you want to be saved after you tap the Hi-Lite Button.

How can I invite new people to join me in the Socourt App?

Go in Me Screen –> Fans & Idols, and invite your friends via social networks, email or phone. Socourt is a party at which everybody is invited to have fun. Don’t save efforts to spread the word!

I forgot my password!

Don’t worry. When you open the App, just click on the “Forgot your password” button. We will send you an email with everything you need to easily come back on board.

I want to play more with Socourt, but I have 0 credits left in my profile. How can I add more credits?

If your free games with the Hi-Lite Button are over, then you need to subscribe for Socourt. For more details, look at the SOCOURT SUBSCRIPTION section in the FAQ.

How can I be notified about new features?

Create your Socourt profile for free and we will notify you about any news around Socourt. Visit also our Facebook page, and follow us there.


Socourt looks amazing. What do I need to implement the Socourt service in my sport centre?

We greatly appreciate your interest. Please, use our contact form to get in touch with us and we will let you know about all details.

How can my customers start using the Socourt service?

After you equip your sport center with Socourt, all your customers need to do is to download the Socourt App and buy (online or on-site) the Socourt Hi-Lite Button. After the free period that goes with each Button, they can continue using the service by subscribing for Socourt or adding credits to their profile.
If you like to ease your clients, Socourt Hi-Lite Buttons can be sold also at your sport center.

I have a free profile in the platform! How can I use it?

This profile is your face in the platform. Attract fans, produce quality videos, and interact with your friends in the app. Highlights from trainings, tournaments or special games – everything can be captured, associated with your profile and shared with your current or potential future clients. Your club can be like any other Socourt user… and even more.

Who are the free Hi-Lite Buttons for?

It is up to you to decide who deserves the Buttons that we will give you at most – trainers, club members, young players, VIP clients. Your friends are our friends, too.

The Socourt equipment

What do I need to install and setup the Socourt equipment?

Nothing special at all. We’ve developed a product that is really easy to install. When you receive the Socourt equipment, you will need not more than 1 hour to install everything with the help of your service personnel. Together with the quipement, you will receive fast and easy to follow instructions on how to equip your sport center. If you still need any help, our support team is always ready to answer your questions.

How should the SOC-Cameras be positioned on the sport field?

All the Socourt products are made with the intention to save you as much time as possible. We will consult and help you that after we know what exactly is the sport field you would like to equip.
In brief, the SOC-Cameras should be placed in a way to provide the best user experience for your clients and we know how to help you with that. We provide different types of mounting depending on your infrastructure. More detailed information you can receive when you make your request for Socourt, or from our customer support team. Furthermore, you will receive helpful instructions inside the Socourt equipment that we will deliver to you. Expect soon also our “how to” videos.

How should I maintain the equipment?

There is nothing difficult at all. The main maintenance depends on how you decide to charge the equipment – directly from the power grid, with batteries or solar panel. If you are using batteries, it will be good to check their status on a regular basis. When it comes time for charging, replace the empty battery with a new one and use the charger (included in the equipment) to recharge the replaced battery. It’s easy and fast.
Checking the position of the cameras is also desirable, since a ball hit or another unexpected event could have moved the cameras to a wrong position that may cause poorer experience for your clients.
Expect soon our new service that will inform you live if any of the up mentioned cases occurs.

For other questions, you can ask Socourt directly!