Passion In Sports And Technology
Fits In The Socourt Product

We developed the hardware with your needs in mind.
Each essential element is designed as part of a singular design.
It brings unlimited versatility and future-proof technology at a price that any player and sports center can afford.

The Socourt product includes:

The SOC-Hi-Lite Button brings the best game moments to your fingertips

Designed to shine

Curated with focus on players’ performance, with unobtrusive design, the SOC-Hi-ite Button awaits the best of you at play.

Easy to use

Never miss a highlight again. A single tap after a cool moment happens and you already have it covered on footage.

Ready to play

No need for pairing – the SOC Hi-lite Button is ready to use immediately after a successful start of the game.


Up to 6 months up-time for highlights tagging with a single battery. Rapid battery swap.

Sound on battery low

No need to worry if the battery of your button runs out. In case the battery is running out of juice, your tap is marked by a specific “beep” sound coming out of the SOC Hi-lite Button.

Your personal tag

You decide which game moments will get recorded. Only the highlights you tapped after will be uploaded to your profile, nothing else.

The world’s first camera for highlights detection

Works seamlessly

Fully automated process from turning-on the cameras, through delivering the content, to back in a sleep mode.

The best or nothing

Watching is easy, understanding is what matters. Focus on the good shots and forget the rest. Automatically!

Over-the-air updates via 3G

Great new features are in the loop. To stay up to date with the latest improvements, the SOC-Camera just downloads these from the Socourt Cloud via 3G.

Strong body

Designed for in- and outdoors usage, direct sunlight and rainy days, kids games and powerful shots.


Want to be eco-friendly? SOC-Cameras are powered by solar energy. It’s no hassle for you to wire? Connect the SOC-Cameras directly to the power plug.

Easy installment

An in-house developed monopod makes the quick attachment/detachment possible. An option for a permanent installment is available, as well.

What else you need to know

Powered by Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi icon

The SOC cameras are proudly based on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer to make the core hardware easy to tweak and customize when needed. The Socourt product respectfully relies on the huge open-source Raspberry community of enthusiasts at delivering the Socourt audience a fine tailor-made solution at the most reasonable price.@Raspberry Pi Foundation guys, keep up the good work!

At Socourt, the entire product development was always driven by the principle of fairness and local engagement among the involved parties. Most of the components for the hardware assembly are in-house developed, locally designed and manufactured, without using third parties. The designs of the SOC Camera and Hi-Lite Button are produced by Socourt, their manufacturing and assembly takes place in both Europe and US. Socourt gives credit to the Bulgarian company S-Line for the manufacturing of the wristbands for the SOC Hi-Lite Buttons.

Encouraging local suppliers

Compliant hardware

We guarantee the smooth working of the entire system. Our hardware has been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. Socourt’s product is validated and can be traded and enjoyed without restrictions.