Test Socourt for free
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1. Download the Socourt app for Android and iOS.
2. Fill-in the contact form below.
3. Pick-up your Socourt Hi-Lite button from one of the listed equipped sports centres.
4. Create unlimited hi-lites with Socourt for 1 month.
5. Choose one of the 2 options below:

a) Continue using Socourt after the end of the first free month. We will automatically charge the EUR20 amount for the Hi-Lite button from your bank account and you will automatically receive another month for free. Afterwards, your monthly subscription for using Socourt will cost you EUR8.


b) Return the Socourt Hi-Lite button prior to the ending of the 1-month-test period at the pick-up location (sport center). Your card will not be charged.

Your epic game moments are just a tap away – order your Hi-Lite Button now and test it yourself!

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100% fun at play or a full refund!



What is Socourt?

Socourt equips your favorite sport centers with in-house developed cameras that record your sport sessions. All the moments you mark as interesting while playing are delivered after that to your profile in the Socourt mobile app. Socourt gives you the unique opportunity to watch again your best moments, enjoy and share them with others around the world.

How can I start using Socourt?

Take your Hi-Lite Button, download the Socourt App and create your profile. Check the partnering sports centers and go playing there. Always take your Hi-Lite Button and smartphone with you.

How are the game highlights created?

The unique SOC-Cameras detect the signal that you produce with your Hi-Lite Button by tapping on after a cool game moment. The SOC-Cameras then know that a video from this moment should be produced and associated to your profile.

What kind of moments can I mark as interesting?

Tremendous shots, great efforts, funny moments – it’s all in your hands. Direct it with only a tap of your Button!

The Hi-Lite Button

How should I associate the Button with my App Profile?

Each Hi-Lite Button has its unique code. When you purchase a Hi-Lite Button, you receive it together with this code. Open the App, go to Me Screen –> Setting –> Add a new Button, and fill in or scan the code to associate the Hi-Lite Button to your profile.

Once associated with a profile, can the Hi-Lite Button be rejected for this profile and associated with another one?

Sure. This can be done by filling the unique code of your Hi-Lite Button into the other player’s profile. Once associated to the other profile, the Hi-Lite Button can be used from this profile only, until you fill the code to another profile. This gives you the opportunity to lend the Hi-Lite Button to other Socourt users who have credits in their profiles, but they don’t have a Hi-Lite Button.

Can I associate several Hi-Lite Buttons with my app profile at a time?

For now, only one Hi-Lite Button can be assigned to a single profile at a time.

Can I associate one Hi-Lite Button with several app profiles at a time?

This is not an option, since each Hi-Lite Button is made with the idea to personalize its user’s experience.

How should I mark the cool game moments?

After a cool moment happens, point the Hi-Lite Button to one of the SOC-Cameras and tap the Button for 2 seconds.

How can I be sure that the interesting moment was marked and a video was created?

The cool thing about Socourt is that it works instantly and the videos are being downloaded from the SOC-Camera to your phone, while you are playing. So, when you want to check if a highlight is registered, you can always take your phone, and review all the videos downloaded from the SOC-Camera till that moment.

What is the length of each video highlight that I create with my Hi-Lite Button?

When you tap your Hi-Lite Button during the game, we reserve for you a 20 seconds video. We count these 20 seconds backwards from the moment you tapped the Button. When you combine video highlights in one category, the compilation length is the sum of all highlights inside.

How many moments can I select as interesting during the game?

Socourt does not limit you by the number of moments selected. However, have in mind that trying to create numerous highlights in very short time may hinder the downloading process from the SOC-Camera to your phone. The best highlight selection frequency you can go for is not more than 2 highlights per minute.

When does the “all-you-can-play for 2 months” trial start to count?

Together with your Hi-Lite Button’s code, you receive also a second code which purpose is to fill your balance for 2 months. Once this code is scanned via the app, the 2 months period starts to count. You have 60 days to play for free with Socourt. Play as much as you want! When the 60 days are over, you can continue using Socourt by subscribing on a monthly basis.

The Socourt Subscription

How should I subscribe?

When you fill in the online form and you pay your subscription, we are going to either send you via e-mail a special code that you have to redeem in your app profile, OR we are going to fill in your balance directly.

How should I redeem the code?

Go to Me Screen -> Settings -> Fill balance, and scan or fill in the code. Once redeemed, the code becomes inactive.

What kinds of subscriptions are available?

We provide 1 month subscription only, and you can play with Socourt as much as you want, generating unlimited number of video highlights.

The Socourt App

What should I know first?

Top left button leads to your area – schedules, highlights, fans reactions, your activities in the app. No matter if you are actually playing or just a fan, this is how you help us fulfill our mission to make more people practice more sport.
Top right button leads to your profile – settings, fans and idols, leaderboard, preferred sport centers. This is your face in the platform.
Top middle button has two functions:
– Leads to your idols’ activities, schedules and highlights. Applaud and inspire them to play more!
– Long press and you can schedule or start a game in seconds. Play and have fun! This is the ultimate goal of Socourt.
For more information on the app screens and features, review the App section in the web page.

How to Start, Edit and Share a Socourt Game?

Just follow the steps in this cool infographic or watch our “how it works” video.

How many video highlights can I share in my profile after the game?

After ending the game in the app, you have the possibility to choose the best videos created, edit and share them in your app profile. We do not count the number of the video highlights, but the total length of the video compilations you would like to share. The maximum total length of your video compilations is 10 minutes from one Socourt Game.

Can I change the predefined length of 20 seconds of the videos?

You can only make the videos shorter if you choose the option Edit&Share after ending the game in the Socourt app.

When I have to edit, preview and share the videos?

After “End Game” is clicked in the app and the synchronization is completed, your videos are saved. Then it is only up to you when to do the editing or sharing process. However, have in mind the following:
1. If you an iPhone user, you should minimize the app after ending the game in the app and not to close it. Then, you should keep it minimized till the time you want to open it again and share your highlights.
2. If you are an Android Phone user, you can close or minimize the app, after ending the game in the app. In both cases, your videos are save and waiting for you.

What is the main deference between “Edit&Share”, and “Quick Share”?

With Quick Share the app will make automatically compilations from all videos created, with no specific criteria for the combining process. If you go for the “Edit&Share” option, you can trim, delete, entitle, and combine by your choice all the videos created in order to make them even more attractive and personalized.

What’s the purpose of the different hash-tagged video categories?

The hash-tagged video categories give you the opportunity to order your video highlights in different video compilations, and to inform your friends in the app about what they are going to watch when they play the video compilation you posted. For example, if you choose 3 of your videos to go in category “Fun”, then you are creating a “Fun” video compilation with the 3 different videos played one after another. This compilation will be then uploaded to your profile and your fans in the app will be able to watch it.
Another purpose of the categories is to save only those videos (from all the videos generated during the game) that you really like. All the videos that remain outside of a category will be automatically deleted. Thus, you save time and concentrate only on the videos you really like. Skip the boring parts and share only the best in your app profile.

Can I watch a video from the whole game?

The idea of Socourt is to show only the interesting and important moments – those that will motivate and inspire you and your fans, or that will help you improve your game. Since you are not restricted from the number of highlights you can create, you can save all the significant moments – no more, and no less.

Who is a “fan” and who is an “idol” in the app?

Your fans are the one who follow you in the Socourt app – the people that you inspire and entertain. Your idols are the one followed by you – your inspirers and entertainers. When a user shares video highlights in his/her profile, all the fans can enjoy the best moments.

What is the purpose of “Schedule a Game”?

When scheduling a game, you inform your fans in the platform for your next sport session, so they know when they can see new interesting moments with you. Scheduling a game with Socourt means also “I love to do sports and I do it often”, and this is right what Socourt is all about – inspiring more people to do the same.

What is the applaud icon for?

This is the way to “Like” here. But not only. Applauding in the app means also: “I want to see you playing again”, “I am inspired of what I see”, “I want to motivate and support you”, or just “I am impressed”. A lot of things can be said with one applaud, and all of them support our mission. Applaud freely!

Can I change the predefined length of 20 seconds of the videos?

For now, you can only make the video shorter before adding it to a hash-tagged category.
Soon we will give you the option to choose from the settings menu how much time backwards you want to be saved after you tap the Hi-Lite Button.

How can I invite new people to join me in the Socourt App?

Go in Me Screen –> Fans & Idols, and invite your friends via social networks, email or phone. Socourt is a party at which everybody is invited to have fun. Don’t save efforts to spread the word!

I forgot my password!

Don’t worry. When you open the App, just click on the “Forgot your password” button. We will send you an email with everything you need to easily come back on board.

I want to play more with Socourt, but I have 0 credits left in my profile. How can I add more credits?

If your free games with the Hi-Lite Button are over, then you need to subscribe for Socourt. For more details, look at the SOCOURT SUBSCRIPTION section in the FAQ.

How can I be notified about new features?

Create your Socourt profile for free and we will notify you about any news around Socourt. Visit also our Facebook page, and follow us there.

The SOC-Cameras

When I mark a moment with the Hi-Lite Button, which of the SOC-cameras will provide a video of this moment?

When you click your Hi-Lite Button during the game, all the closest SOC-cameras provide a video of this moment. Then you will decide which of the videos to save and which to leave behind.

What is the quality of the video?

Our cameras are able to capture 720p video.

Do the SOC-Cameras record audio as well as video?

No. Socourt records your movements, not your private conversations with your sports buddies.

For other questions, you can ask Socourt directly!